Bunny bunny party!

Hey heroes!

Today was the first time I logged onto SHU in AGES! A lot has changed since I was last online. So I decided to check out how much of it has changed, and I also noticed that there's a party. I still remember the last Bubble Bunny Party, doesn't it seem like yesterday? Or is that just me...?
Loads of cool new features have come. Like you can take a picture, and decorate it with stickers and filters. I think this is quite cool!

Also to my surprise the SPU team actually read my last post and gave me 40,000 coins as a 'welcome back' gift so I can spend it on some stuff (thanks)! Problem is I don't have a membership, and I have over 80,000 coins to spare. Bit of a problem there I think as I can't find any clothes or anything that you can buy without a membership...
Anyways back to the Bubble Bunny Party. There is a cool Easter Egg Hunt, where basically you walk around and try to find the hidden eggs, then at the end you earn some gems and coins! Also I think you can meet Bubble Bunny him/herself (is it a he or she??) if you're lucky. There's plenty of cool stuff going on at this party!
Hopefully I'll find some more time to explore the rest of the universe which I haven't yet had time to explore today. I'm quite behind with things since I haven't been on for a while.


I might be coming back???

Hey guys!

So I basically haven't been using this website for AGES. The only reason I really want to come back to it is because I actually paid for the domain and I don't want to waste it. I haven't been on Little Space Heroes for ages either... basically school and stuff has been getting in the way. And I have new interests. And I'm kind of growing out of all this stuff now. I'm 14 after all....
I might come back to this until the domain ends, I'm not sure. I'm just incredibly lazy. I might give it away once the domain expires. Who would want this blog anyways? Probably no one... but if you're interested then contact me or something. The best idea probably is to email me as I don't really use my Club Penguin-y twitter any more. So send me an email at goldenpuffle1@gmail.com or something. Give me a sample post too, I need to know that you'll be good at running the blog and stuff.
So next week I have two weeks off, so I might get back into this then. If I have time and I'm not too lazy. I spend several hours a day on the internet... ok I spend practically the entire day but oh well! I have to be able to at least find SOME time.
But there's going to be so much new stuff on LSH that I'll be swamped in posts and stuff. Actually I don't even think it's called LSH any more. Isn't it Space Heroes Universe or something? Crap. That's not good for my blog name. Who the hell cares though?!?!? Lol
Is anyone actually still visiting this blog or has it been exiled to page 987438 of google? If anyone is and you actually want me to start it up again, please let me know in a comment or something! It'd encourage me if people actually wanted me to start up again.
So if you're interested in helping me out and becoming an author or something, go to the become an author page and fill out the form :)


Little Space Heroes Extra to Space Heroes Extra

Hey heroes,

Just a little message my Space Heroes blog has a new domain so to go on it the link now is SpaceHeroesExtra.com thanks for reading :)


Space Heroes Free Cut Outs!

Hey guys,

Adrian here and I recently made a new little website called Space Heroes Cut Outs where you can download over 350+ space heroes cut outs for free! So anyway here's the link to the site! 

To download the cut outs go to Click Here xP and also you need WinRar to open the .zip folder because if it wasn't for the .zip folder I wouldn't be able to upload these cut outs so if you wanna get these awesome cut outs then download WinRar especially.

So yeah check out the new site and download the cut outs and make awesome headers and everything :D

Thanks for reading,


Adrian's new Youtube channel

Hey heroes,

Today I've created a Youtube channel and soon I'm going to be making videos about space heroes and other stuff, I'm still not sure. I'll be making videos about space heroes tutorials, glitches, cheats and many more awesome stuff!

In like few days or less or like today, I'll start making videos about on how to get badges so like it's really awesome so come and subscribe now

So make sure to subscribe to me by clicking here! And yeah, thanks alot!



Hey heroes! I haven't been able to post for AGES. I keep getting this malware warning when I try and access my blog. It's something to do with spaceheroesfanclub.com. I have no idea what this is, but it's weird.  I also haven't been on LSH for a while. The only reason I don't want to quit this blog is because I paid for my domain out of my money. I might have to put Adsense on soon to pay the money back.

Also, I am in desperate need of new authors! If you'd like to volunteer, leave a comment with a link to one of your best posts (must be to do with LSH) and you could be chosen! 


Heroes of the Week - 29 September

Hey heroes! Recently Ari posted another new post on the Little Space Heroes Fan Blog about the Heroes of the Week. Let's find out who this week's top heroes are:

ScreenHunter_04 Sep. 25 13.34

With so many wonderful heroes out there, it’s hard to pick just three for our Heroes of the Week, where we celebrate amazing heroes who go above and beyond the Space Hero code. They’re friendly, helpful, and most of all, heaps of fun to hang out with! They’re always there for other heroes, helping out new players and exploring the galaxy with their buddies.


Starty is an awesome and friendly alien who’s always on the look out for new heroes to friend and help! If you’re a new hero and need some guidance look for Starty!

Lulu is a little hero with a lot of attitude! Keeping our Hair Salon safe from all the nauts and leading the way in the latest beauty advancements on the Homeworld, Lulu is an absolute star! Head to the hair salon and ask her for a re-colour, blowdry, shampoo or condition today!

Lol is an incredible, amazing, wonderful, awesome to the max hero! A prolific blogger, youtuber, and totes amazing hero, Lol has been with us since very very early beta! He’s watched our universe expand and we’ve watched him go from amazing to awesome! One of the friendliest and nicest heroes ever, he’s a friend anyone’s proud to have!
Congratulations heroes! You each receive an awesome 2000 coins in your account! But don’t spend it all at once, there is a Halloween party coming up soon!
Are you an awesome Space Hero? Do you try your best to follow the Space Hero Code, help other heroes and have an awesome time exploring the galaxy? You might find yourself as Space Hero of the week next week! 

Halloween party? That sounds like fun! Let us know what you think in the comments!