Blue or Red: a Ping-Pong Between Glows!

Is your Glow going to be red or blue?

We all know that sooner or later a Glow will trust us and become our BFF. But while we’re waiting on the Crystal Planet, we have to stand very still, and that’s where the problem starts.

We start wondering, what colour will our Glow be: red or blue?

Our eyes start to wander around the Crystal planet. We notice the red mushrooms and the red flowers. We’re sure the Glow will be red. But then…We look up and it’s a beautiful sky. A blue sky… Now it’s impossible to ignore the sound of the waterfall. It’s blue, isn’t it?

We’re like a ping-pong going back and forth, blue and red, red and blue, and we really don’t want to be, because we can’t move, remember? Keep still!

The moment arrives, finally. Our glow has come. We almost don’t see it because all we can see are skies and mushrooms. While there are Glows of many shades and hues it’s the reds and blues that seem to be the ones that bond with new heroes. Right now, we open our eyes and in front of us, and the colour of our Glow is….

What colour, blue or red, would you prefer?

-Andromeda, Head Hero


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