Villains of the Week - 1 September

Hey heroes! LSH have chosen some of the most friendly heroes to feature in this week's "Villians of the Week", which are basically heroes who stick to the Space Hero Code, help others and are generally very friendly! Let's see who this week's top three heroes are:

With so many wonderful heroes out there, it’s hard to pick just three for our Heroes of the Week, where we celebrate amazing heroes who go above and beyond the Space Hero code. They’re friendly, helpful, and most of all, heaps of fun to hang out with! They’re always there for other heroes, helping out new players and exploring the galaxy with their buddies.

This week we’ve put a villainous twist to find the coolest villains in the galaxy!

Olivia has really taken a liking to her villainess super powers! Always ready to send a lightning blast to any hero, she’s also always ready to help out when she can, from guiding heroes on their first quests to helping the glowbies find their way to their home crystal.
Lukey is a sweet hero who rescues every sad glow and glowbie in sight! He’s guided many new heroes as they’ve made their way through flight training – they wouldn’t be able to have fantastic space adventures if it wasn’t for him!
Yoda is a helpful alien who’s always up for a party! Bubbling heroes and villains alike, he’s always there to make sure heroes are having fun!
I haven’t seen that many aliens around the world lately, have you seen any helpful alien heroes? Aliens have to stick together! Help me out by nominating who you think should be Hero of the Week! Are you an awesome Space Hero? Do you try your best to follow the Space Hero Code, help other heroes and have an awesome time exploring the galaxy? You might find yourself as Space Hero of the week next week!

Well done heroes! Which hero do you think should be hero of the week next week and why? Let us know in the comments!

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