Homepad Of The Week June 29th.

Hey Guys! Recently Little Space Heroes Has Chosen New Homepad Of The Week And This Week They Have Chosen Obiwan's Homepad Which Looks really Amazing And Awesome...Checkout Below:

What Do You Think About This Amazing Pad? Let Me Know in The Comments...


LSHCB 5K Hits Party!

Hey heroes! As you can see, we've reached a total of 5,000 hits! I can't believe we've had that many views and I hope we get many more over the time that I blog. The party will take place on 8th July, and here's the full details:

The invite reads:

Date: Sunday 8th July
Time: 8AM PST (4PM UK Time)
Where: Star Struck
 I hope you can make it! We'll be having a great time and it'll be a shame for you to miss out. Tell us if you're coming in the comments!

-Andromeda, Head Hero

LSH Summer Kick Off Party Review

Wow! That Party was Amazing! We had lots of fun! If you couldn't make it to the party it's Ok! There will be More parties coming! Ok So, First of we started at the Plaza and met everyone who came to the party!

Next We got some Hot Dogs so we have energy to Party!

Then we Started our Starjets and Blasted off to space and the Jungle Planet!

After that we went to Bubble Blaster Park and had a Bubble Blaster Fight!

Now we had to end the party. So we dived in the Dive Spot pretended to become Pirates!

That was a great Party everyone! Here were some people who came:
- sonic
- tyler
 And Many More came! If you were at the party, Did you like it? Share with us in the comments!

Heroes of the Week - June 24th

With so many wonderful heroes out there, it’s hard to pick just three for our Heroes of the Week, where we celebrate amazing heroes who go above and beyond the Space Hero code. They’re friendly, helpful, and most of all, heaps of fun to hang out with! They’re always there for other heroes, helping out new players and exploring the galaxy with their buddies.
Sky is an amazing blogger who has been playing the game since beta. She’s friendly, happy and loves her glow! Little Space Heroes wouldn’t be the same without wonderful heroes like Sky. Three cheers for Sky!

Danny makes amazing youtube videos for Little Space Heroes and his excitement for the game is totally infectious! It’s hard to be around a hero like Danny without smiling and having a blast! Thanks Danny for making the game so much fun for other heroes!

Jackson is one of our friendlist heroes! Always ready to help out new heroes and go on daring missions, he’s a fantastic hero to have in case Lord Shadowbot’s minions show up! Thanks for keeping the galaxy safe, Jackson!

Are you an awesome Space Hero? Do you try your best to follow the Space Hero Code, help other heroes and have an awesome time exploring the galaxy? You might find yourself as Space Hero of the week next week!

Congratulations heroes! Don't forget to follow the Space Hero Code everyone!

-Andromeda, Head Hero

Upcoming Updates and recent Updates

Hey guys! Its Secret Gazi, and I got more information on whats going on and whats coming in LSH! Ok here is what they said:
 In Game Now

Sweet and savoury: A real treat
It can be hungry work exploring the galaxy, and it’s no fun on an empty stomach! Now Little Space Heroes can solve this dilemma by heading to the plaza or the coast to get served a little treat.
We´ve stopped short of giving heroes a banquet. How would that leave room for dinner, let alone adventure? But heroes can recharge by enjoying super sweet cotton candy sticks spun in different colors. Or, if they feel like something savoury, our hungry adventurers can run to the plaza to tuck into our diggedy hot dogs.
Food treats are best served when they´re shared, and now members can show off their culinary skills by serving heroes from the whole galaxy. But they might need to tuck in themselves, as the lines grow, and heroes order the wildest topping combinations yet seen this side of the universe! Why not throw a party for your friends and serve up some tasty treats! Yum!

Little Space Heroes Blog: A real fan!
No adventure is complete without sharing the stories that come with it. Our Little Space Heroes fan blog is the place for adventurers to go for the latest news, reviews, gossip and tips and to share their ideas, comments and suggestions. You can even give your own review and ratings to all the amazing online kids games you can play in Little Space Heroes. We´re inviting all explorers out there, big and small, to hop onto the blog and report what they´re experiencing. Check it out and join the conversation at http://www.spaceheroesfanclub.com

Virtual Coins Power Up
The heroes have spoken! While we knew that intrepid Space Heroes were enjoying over 40 free fun online games, they told us that there weren’t enough virtual coins! When Little Space Heroes fans speak, we listen! So we’ve given every mini game in Little Space Heroes a mega-turbo-hyper power up. Sparky’s tinkered with the nuts and bolts and Professor Q’s re-kombabulated the settings and you’ll now earn more coins than ever before when playing the game.
Where can hard-working heroes spend their virtual coins? At one of many stores and places on the Heroes Homeworld. Why not give your Starjet a new coat of paint, or upgrade to an even better Starjet!? You can adopt cute, cuddly or downright crazy virtual pet Kritterz or you can deck out your Space Hero homepad and maybe earn homepad of the week? Plus there’s loads of funky fashions and trendy new looks. What are you waiting for? Grab your jetpack and start playing our online kids games for fun, fame and glory!

A world of language
Bonjour! Hola! Halo! The world is full of heroes with a different voice, so we´ve made it easier than ever for players to communicate their own way by introducing Little Space Heroes in 7 new languages!
As a fun online game for kids, Little Space Heroes hopes to mirror all that is good in the galaxy. That includes the vibrant communities and people that we live alongside. Now that the game is available in 8 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Indonesian) which is way more than any other virtual world games! Space Heroes can find more ways to encourage, share a laugh and maybe even get a little tongue tied!

Red vs. Blue parties
When it comes to partying, no one does it better than you – the Little Space Heroes fans of the world! From rockin’ out on stage at Star Struck to bustin’ a move at the Moon Rock Disco and even celebrating pet parades down by the seaside, Space Heroes truly have the greatest parties of any virtual world. We know you love parties… and we know you love bubble blasting. So we’ve introduced awesome new Red vs. Blue battle parties! Like all our Pop-Up parties, these can happen anytime, anywhere…. Well, er, generally at the Bubble Blaster Park! When the Party Masters send the signal just pick a team – will you be red? Or will you be blue. Pick a side, grab your balloon and start splatting your enemies! It’s an all-out mega-epic-bubble-battle and loads of fun. Lock and load!
Wow! That is long! Here is what they said about the up coming updates. Wait till you see this!

Coming Soon…

A pizza game that´s hard to top:
The humble pizza can reflect the colors and tastes of the world. So we´re putting the final ingredients to a delicious a new mini-game inviting heroes to knead their way through a long list of orders and serve the galaxy a little colour, one pizza at a time!
Working as a pizza chef was never clear cut. Heroes have to use their minds and their speed to top each base to the crust with all our pizza favourites. Each pizza will be tempting, enough to make heroes melt with hunger, but with a chugging oven and an increasing list of orders, heroes won´t have time to wipe the tomato sauce off their aprons. Mamma mia! Was that pizza to go?

Melody: a new song to sing to
All heroes need time to unwind. The Star Struck Theatre has been the galaxy´s best kept secret: a place to jam, dance and sing! Now, heroes can reunite their bands to test themselves with a new rocking anthem!
It´s hard to keep anybody at the Homeworld in suspense. The amps are plugged in, the vocal chords warmed and the guitars strung, are you ready to get into tune? Oh and remember – Party People say YO!

New trends: Hero Mart fashions
The universe needs happy heroes and we´ve introduced funky, new gear to give our fashionistas the chance to share their different moods. Each new style, every individual colour, gives heroes another way to stand out and feel unique. New looks are making their way to the Hero Mart and we’ve got a few special surprises coming soon that will put the “Super” in Space Heroes!

Welcome to the Jungle
Soon, more places on the exotic and mysterious Jungle Planet will be opened up to all adventurous heroes! There will be more places to explore, more games to play and more adventures to be had with friends!
Heroes will be able to test their crafting skills with new games at the garden and investigate reports that curious Kritterz have been discovered throughout the planet, from the depths of the verdant jungles to the towering mountains. What pets do you think heroes might be able to adopt on the Jungle Planet?
We also hear that Ace is working on a top-secret command post on the Jungle Planet. Could it be in the caverns below? Will it be up in the towering trees? Or could it be hidden within the ancient Temple? One thing we’re certain of, this members only retreat will be the place to go to keep tabs on Lord Shadowbot, play exclusive games and hang out with your hero friends!

I know this is one of the longest posts, but its worth it too! Right? I've got another exclusive. Look at this amazing new kritterz that might be coming!
LSH will be a real blast! Are you looking forward to these updates? Let us know in the comments!

Little Space Heroes Brand New Promo Code.

Hey Heroes!As Little Space Heroes Has Reached To 2000 Likes On Their Facebook Page ,So they have Released a New Promo Code Which You Can Use To Unlock 1000 Coins .Checkout The Post Below That They Have Made On Their Facebook Page:

So The New Promo Code Is "FanP0612". The Code Is Going To Expire This Friday..So It Would Be Better If You Use It  Now.....
- Spacers

LSH Summer Kick Off Party

Hey guys! Andromeda's last party was epic! Now me, Secret Gazi, is having a Summer Kick Off Party on Little Space Heroes! Its going to be Epic! Here are the details:

If you cannot read the invitation, Here are the details:
Date: June 28, 2012
Time: 10:30 A.M EST
Where: Plaza
There are other times too. Here are the times for different Time Zones:
PST: 7:30 A.M
UK: 3:30 P.M
Sorry If your Time Zone is not there. You can see when is the party by converting one of these times in http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html.
This Party is going to be awesome! Comment if you can make it!
-Secret Gazi

Shopping Can Save the Universe!

In this fan club post Little Space Heroes talk about how shopping can save the universe!

Stop the press!

Shopping can save the universe!

So you’re totally gobsmacked! Who ever thought about saving the world by buying a new outfit? No matter how fresh and chic they are, how will fashion stop asteroids and nauts?

But the universe needs happy heroes and there’s nothing like taking a stroll through the galaxy feeling like a one-off, a limited edition! Go for a walk now and check out the different space suits and casual wear available. Every time you change a colour, it brings out a different you, a different mood. Are you able to imagine all the different combinations of you?

That’s a total headspin, and you haven’t even checked out the new hairstyles! Imagine, it won’t be easier once the glitterati get a hold of you. But don’t worry about being slowed down by the cameras. Part of becoming great is learning to feel confident and special!

Go on, look into the mirror. Show everybody how made to measure you are, and scare Lord Shadowbot by making him feel sooooo last century.

What will you shop to save the universe?
 -Andromeda, Head Hero

Pet Parade Tuesdays

Come join the crew at the Little Kritterz store every week on a Tuesday for a special event for Kritter fans!

Bring your pets down to the Little Kritterz store every week on Tuesday to take part in our special Kritterz Club Day! Join the Pet Parade, introduce your pet Kritter and show off their tricks!

Kritterz love to play and you’ll soon find them scampering, jumping, leaping and chatting away to each other in their Krazy Kritter ways.

Watch out for special appearances by the Kritterz Krazy Party Krew who will hand out extra special balloons.

Be there and be ready for fun!
 -Andromeda, Head Hero

Blue or Red: a Ping-Pong Between Glows!

Is your Glow going to be red or blue?

We all know that sooner or later a Glow will trust us and become our BFF. But while we’re waiting on the Crystal Planet, we have to stand very still, and that’s where the problem starts.

We start wondering, what colour will our Glow be: red or blue?

Our eyes start to wander around the Crystal planet. We notice the red mushrooms and the red flowers. We’re sure the Glow will be red. But then…We look up and it’s a beautiful sky. A blue sky… Now it’s impossible to ignore the sound of the waterfall. It’s blue, isn’t it?

We’re like a ping-pong going back and forth, blue and red, red and blue, and we really don’t want to be, because we can’t move, remember? Keep still!

The moment arrives, finally. Our glow has come. We almost don’t see it because all we can see are skies and mushrooms. While there are Glows of many shades and hues it’s the reds and blues that seem to be the ones that bond with new heroes. Right now, we open our eyes and in front of us, and the colour of our Glow is….

What colour, blue or red, would you prefer?

-Andromeda, Head Hero


Help Wanted!

There's some help needed in the Little Space Heroes restaurant!

"Roll up your sleeves, it’s time to act! But don’t worry about Nauts or caverns, this time you have to navigate through tomato paste and burgers! Heroes are hungry, and they need you to help them fuel up for adventuring!"

"There are no restaurant owners on the Homeworld. You make the restaurant a part of you when you step up to the plate and turn each tummy rumble into a tummy smile (they exist!) Just be there to welcome heroes and retrieve the food they order from the counter when heroes have chosen."

"But serving other heroes is almost as big a mystery as understanding worm holes. We’re looking for a Professor Q of the restaurant world to fill us in with what makes good service. Are you the hero to step into the busy kitchen and serve us that hot tip?"

So get your apron on and go help serve some heroes at the restaurant today!

-Andromeda, Head Hero

Heroes of the Week - June 10th

LSH have picked some awesome heroes of the week! Here's more on this week's top heroes.
"With so many wonderful heroes out there, it’s hard to pick just three for our Heroes of the Week, where we celebrate amazing heroes who go above and beyond the Space Hero code. They’re friendly, helpful, and most of all, heaps of fun to hang out with! They’re always there for other heroes, helping out new players and exploring the galaxy with their buddies."

"I’m really excited to bring you this week’s heroes of the week because they are three amazing and wonderful heroes!"
Cozzza with three z’s for extreme zeal, this is one alien who’s totally passionate about Little Space Heroes and it shows! With an awesome blog, awesome house, and an awesome army of kritterz, this is one all-round awesome alien! Cozzza, your love of Little Space Heroes is infectious!

Super Girl is a newer member who absolutely loves exploring! She’ll dive helmet first underwater and race her starjet all over space. Abiding by the Hero Code, she’s loyal, friendly, and fun to be around. It’s great to have you on board, Super Girl!

Secret Gazi is a stealthy hero who knows most of the Little Space Heroes tips, tricks and secret spots! A wonderful blogger, his excitement about the game is wonderful and he’s always ready for adventure.

 "Are you an awesome Space Hero? Do you try your best to follow the Space Hero Code, help other heroes and have an awesome time exploring the galaxy? You might find yourself as Space Hero of the week next week!"

Congratulations, heroes! The best thing is that 1 of them works here on LSHCB! Let us know what you think of this week's top heroes in the comments.

-Andromeda, Head Hero

Interview with Moderator Zap Starfire

Greetings Heroes. Today, I had an interview with Zap Starfire. He is an alien moderator! He appeared up on Yesterday's Pop up party in coast! Sorry there are no pictures. My computer's screenshot did not work that time. So here is how the Interview goes....

                       Interview with Zap Starfire
Me: Can I have an Interviews with you Zap Starfire?
Zap Starfire: Sure!
Me: So can you give me any info. on the upcoming updates?
Zap Starfire: Well in the summer Member Heroes can go to ocean planet to swim and cool down!
Me: Awesome! Anything else?
Zap Starfire: And there will be new Kritter training. Also, there will be new clothes coming out too!
Me: Great! Sounds like a real blast! Any more updates coming?
Zap Starfire: Well that is all we got for now but the temple in Jungle planet will be coming soon.
Me: Thanks for giving me some info. on the upcoming updates.
Zap Starfire: No problem.

Well as you heard, the Ocean Planet will be coming in the Summer, New Kritter training features, New clothes for Members and the Jungle Planet!  Are you excited for these updates? Tell us in the comments!
-Secret Gazi

Super-Fun Little Space Heroes Party Review!

Hey heroes! I've just had a party today and it was AMAZING! Loads of you heroes turned up, which doubled the fun-factor. We had bubble blaster fights, rocked out at the stage, went to Crystal Planet, and lots more!

I'll upload some pictures soon, once my video's finished uploading. Then I'll be able to show you that as well!

And here's a video of the whole party! (speeded up)

Here are some special mentions to heroes that came:

VIH Twitter Mention goes to: Secret Gazi

Other heroes who came:
  • Microchip
  • Spacers
  • Cozza
  • Puppypaws3
  • And more! (if I didn't include you and you still went, leave your hero name in the comments! I don't want to leave anyone out!)
I'll hopefully have another party some time soon, and I hope those who went really enjoyed it!

-Andromeda, Head Hero

New Author- Secret Gazi

      Hey guys I am the New Author of this blog! First of all, I would like to thank Andromeda for letting me join the team. I hope to make this blog better and better!. I will be an Active Author and try to find Exclusives that will Interest many people. Here is a picture of me In Little Space Heroes:
If you ever see me stop by and say Hi! Well Until next time Guys Bye!
-Secret Gazi               

LSH Party Posponed!

Hey heroes! I'm so sorry about this, but LSH is down and none of us can log in at the moment. I'm posponing the party until tomorrow. Here's the new details:

Date: 3rd June 2012
Time: 5PM UK Time or 9AM PST
Where: Star Struck
Please pass this on, and I hope to see you all there!

Mega-Awesome Blog Domain Giveaway!

Heroes, have you ever wanted a domain which will send your blog sky-high in the search results? Then you've come to the right place!

I'm giving away a domain: http://thelittlespaceheroes.blogspot.co.uk/. Unfortunately this isn't .com etc, but Google still notices blogspot.co.uk blogs. Look at the blog at the top of the search 'Little Space Heroes Cheats', they have a wordpress.com and are at the top, so soon could your blog too!

Not only does the winner get the domain, but they also get a free spot on my Adspace forever. This competition will end on 2nd July 2012, which gives you an entire month to enter.

Good luck!

Enter by filling in the form here: http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/s3HGV25eI9Oa030bqJiuhdP

-Andromeda, Head Hero

Little Space Heroes Moon Rock Room Updates!

Hey Guys, Little Space Heroes Team Has Changed Moon Rock Room To a VIP club..Now Only Members Can Go Inside The Moon Rock...And If you are non member you will get a pop up page saying you need to buy a Premium Membership? Just Checkout Below What Change They Have Made..

What do you think about this Big Change they Have Done? Let me know in the comments..

Little Space Heroes Journal Updates!

Hey Guys, Little Space Heroes Team Has updated the Space Heroes Journal.They have added a new page in the Journal Which tells you that how you can teach your Kritter Fetch?This Thing is really Amazing that you  can now Teach your Kritter Some New Tricks..There will be more Tricks Coming Soon...Till Now Just Checkout The Page They Have Added To The Journal..
Cool..What Do you think?About this new idea... Are you going to teach your Kritter this New Trick... Let me  know in the comments....

New Galactic Times Issue 7

There's a new issue of the Galactic Times out today! It's the June issue, and a special Kritter edition!
On the first page, it's all about Kritterz!
The next page is also about Kritterz!

Here's all the other pages:

There's plenty going on! I think it's a cool idea that members get to have stars next to their names, even though I'm not a member yet. Although I might either get one for my birthday or by saving up. Or maybe I might eventually put Adsense on my blog and buy one that way. If I put Adsense on my blog and get some money, I might even have some membership giveaways!

There's also a new 'Rock The Stage' feature coming soon! I can't wait for all these new features! Let us know what you think in the comments!

-Andromeda, Head Hero